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What Music? TARKAMPA!

TARKAMPA is now for me a recipient for all this influences, running away from the main common areas of music classification. This makes the project very fresh all the time. Here I am not a classical composer, a pop artist, a free improviser, a poet, an electronic music artist or a songwriter, but I am all and none of these at the same time.

A CYCLE OF VISIONS, new music by Tarkampa

What is this music? A set of visions, a combination of sounds from all over the world, worked out in a personal way by two musicians. Composer R.M.Spiritini and pecussion player Francesco “Sbibu” Sguazzabia started a collaboration in 1993 and today again they joint for a new project. The songs included in this album have […]

TAR KAMPA Happy Hour

Finalmente ya a la venta HAPPY HOUR, el Fanzine-CD primera edición oficial de TAR KAMPA. En el pequeño libro encontrarás los textos de las canciones y el magnífico trabajo de collages-dibujos de Pierre Ginard.  Tar Kampa empieza a estar  disponible también en la red  (bandcamp y pronto en iTunes store y Spotify) con esta exelente […]