Bird In The Cage    (madrigals and soundscapes:   2013-2014 voice, electronica, percussion, video)

TAR KAMPA offers set of works in a new style: Bird In The Cage combines soundscapes and chant. Riccardo Massari  for this new Tar Kampa format, takes advantages from his advanced composition background, using real time electronic synthesis and sound sequencing. The poetic chanted  elements seek to carry the intensity of  the Early Madrigal, melted with subtle folk melodies, marked by the use of falsetto. Analog sound, with original programming and delay feed-back techniques, takes the show to a field of psycho spatial atmosphere also fed by electric percussive lines. The video, slow and suggesting, prepared by Dripp, plays through  all the duration of the performance.

TAR KAMPA ci offre una serie composizioni di stile e formato nuovi. Bird In The Cage é una combinazione di paesaggi sonori e brevi canzoni (madrigali).  Riccardo Massari  per questo nuovo assetto di Tar Kampa, si avvantaggia del suo retroterra piú sofisticato di composizione, avvalendosi di sintesi sonora in diretta e di registrazioni di paesaggi sonori.  L’elemento del canto riprende l’intensità degli antichi madrigali, mescolati con melodie folk e caratterizzati dall’uso del falsetto, i testi sono originali. Ai suoni analogici, con tecniche di feed-back elettronico, e alle percussioni modulate e sottili di Francesco “sbibu” sguazzabia, si unisce il video, lento e suggestivo, prepareto da Carlo Sedeño, per un concerto visivo di una cinquantina di minuti.

Tar : synth & voice, Carlos Sedeño : video composition  – Sbibu Francesco Sguazzabia, wavedrum  percussions

a poetic exept from “Navigator” (English version of ANIMA)

(…) The day I will arrive
I will meet again
with ancestors and future astronauts
with unfulfilled thoughts
with blossoms and gems
and faded flowers

The day I will arrive
I will melt again
with the waters of all the fountains
the tears of all the children
that we have been
and we will come again
   in the infinite sky, I will be athomized
   in possible colors and flower-dust

upcoming dates to be confirmed and announced for a small summertime test-tour  (Italy, Switzerland, France, Slovenia) – recording session winter-spring 2013.

Confirmed 3-8-2013 a first premiere with sbibu on wavedrum at Red Zone , Italy.


to hear a soundscape reference atmosphere listen here

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in the slideshow: some frames of the video work by Carlos Sedeño .  See videos at: